Gareth Jones

37 years old and pretty much injury free for all this time, after a career in the physically demanding Royal Marines and an avid backcountry snowboarder for many years it's been a lucky run, but after my hips popped out of alignment on a seated leg press machine I obviously panicked.

(Please bin this exercise from your leg routine, ask Google why!)

The local chiropractor spent most of the time talking about daily pleasantries and identifying a sprain I had on my ankle four years ago before pulling an arm over my chest, jumping on me like a crazed Bieber fan and cracked my upper back, thanked me then disappeared! Worst £52 I've ever spent!

Fiona Prochowski knows her stuff and doesn't mess about. After just a 2 second glance she identified my problem, booked me in for a session within a couple of days and gave me a couple of movements I could do prior to the appointment. I instantly felt better just with the level of professionalism.

The appointment was extremely thorough, very professional and her obvious high skill set gave me a lot of confidence. Now armed with some serious rehabilitation moves, I'm straightening myself out bit by bit and getting back into alignment.

If you have any niggling or serious injury if you're even just concerned about your posture or inactive muscles not firing when they should, give Fiona a call. She will give you a thorough examination and tell you exactly what's what, no messing. Don't waste your money on quick fix solutions, find out the route to the problem and Fiona will set you up on the road to recovery.

Remember, knowledge is invaluable and Fiona has this in abundance and happily shares this with you as you work together.

You only get one body, it's worth taking care of. Highly recommend.

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