Martin Phan

I've been training for many years at the gym and have been practising martial arts for over 2 years. I've always had niggling problems with my shoulders, chest and ankles which has made me see a variety of sports therapists and chiropractors over the years which has not produced many answers or solutions for me. This has affected both my training and my martial arts and I've just learnt to live with it. I've recently started a training and diet programme which got me referred on to Fiona at Protune for a sports massage.

After seeing her a handful of times I'm already on the road to recovery!!! She firstly did a full body analysis on me and sought out all of my many issues that I have. Straight away she set about rectifying these and explained clearly and concisely what was happening, how it may have began and how we're going to solve it! I have been quite taken aback at both her knowledge and experience of the human anatomy! On top of that she is the most friendliest and easy to chat to person I've dealt with. Straight away I felt comfortable which makes me look forward to seeing her on a regular basis.

Couldn't recommend a sports therapist more and if you're serious about your training. She's definitely the one to have on your team...straightening you out!!

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