Advanced Mobility Class

Crossfit Digbeth
£10 per session (no membership necessary)


The Advanced Mobility that takes place every Monday evening at Crossfit Digbeth teachs how to perform basic maintence stretches and exercises on yourself. These will improve the mechanics of the bodys natural movement, resolve pain and prevent injury.


Prevent injury by mobilising before your training sessions, Fiona will teach you how to prepare your joints for the movements you undertake within your training that can all be done within your own home or gym.


These exercises can also assist in the managment of an old or existing injury by manipulating tension areas and reorganising joint position to gain a smoother range of motion throughout.


Please contact for dates of next course

Booking Required- 07875405455


Resistance Bands, Foam Rollers and Lacrosse Balls are all available for purchase if required however are provided for the class.